Master Degree in “Urban Development Planning” at Vietnamese-German University

Dear project partners, Dear interested parties, Dear students,

I would hereby like inform you of a new study course at the Vietnamese-German University with which I am involved.

I would appreciate it if you could aid me with the promotion of the course by forwarding this mail to all interested parties.

In the following, you will find more detailed information:

In the academic year 2009/10 VGU starts to offer the New Master Programme “Urban Development Planning” in cooperation with the Technical University Darmstadt and the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus:

The Vietnamese-German University – German-quality study in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a joint project of the Vietnamese and the German governments in close cooperation with more than 30 well-known German universities.

Urban Development Planning

Urban Development Planning (UDP) is a full time two years (4 Semester) Master Program offered at VGU by the Technical University Darmstadt and the Technical University Cottbus. The language of instruction is English.

The postgraduate Masters course ‘Urban Development Planning‘ addresses problems of rapid urbanization in newly industrializing nations and adequate responses to the issue arising from an interdisciplinary understanding. It is taught by a team of internationally renowned professors. Students with a first degree in Architecture, building engineering, geography, social sciences and other subjects to urban development will mostly come from Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, but possibilities exist for exchanges with, or subsequent PhD studies at Universities in Germany. The course opens creative employment perspectives at municipal, national and international level in a sector marked by the challenge to improve living conditions for more than half of the globe’s population.

Competencies and Learning Goals:

Students are expected to acquire a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of interrelated processes determining modern urbanization processes and on this basis to develop adequate development strategies with reference to international experience. After completion of the course they will be familiar with the highly complex process of urban development in a quickly urbanizing country, be able to analyse typical urban problem in a new and specific context, know up-to-date principles of both tested and emerging intervention techniques and preventive strategies. This will enable them to respond to the previously identified problems and to develop new and innovative approaches if indicated. Most of this capacity will be built up from the following study contents.

The tuition fee for this program is 1500.- USD for one study year. A generous scholarship system for the most qualified students will be offered.

The NEW EXTENDED application deadline is 20th August 2009.

If you are interested please contact for further information

The detailed description of the Master Course Urban Development Planning can be found under

Please feel free to contact regarding further details and individual applications.

In addition, we would be grateful if you could assist us in the promotion of this New Master Programme ‘Urban Development Planning’ at VGU in HCMC by forwarding this information further to additional interested candidates.

Best regards
Harry Storch

Dr.-Ing. Harry Storch
Senior Researcher
Department of Environmental Planning
Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus